The Next Era of Gaming

Interact with your imaginations and make them real for everyone.


The fully programmable and customizable Evodice gives you the ability to create the unique dice of your imaginations. With its 6 digital screens, you can roll 24 dice separately from each other at the same time.


Evodice lets you play without getting lost in the overly detailed game rules. It also offers game developers the opportunity to create more complex game mechanics that have not been created until now.


Evodice is fully integrated with all IoT home systems, offering you an epic atmospheric experience you've never felt before. The air conditioner system can change the temperature of the room from hot to cold depending on the weath- er conditions in the scenario you're playing and the lights might dim, turn off or even flicker like a heartbeat depending on the situation. You can even play music, sound effects, and background soundtracks with Evodice being integrated into your sound systems. They will see,hear and feel the story as if they are actually there.


You can share your pre-recorded character introductions with your friends. As a GM, you can use the audiovisual capabilities of Evodice to introduce players to the story. You can even give voice acting ability to NPCs that will interact with players.


Sometimes in board games, you might have to make multiple calculations to figure out the result of an action. The calculations of multiple dice rolls, charac- ter stats, location effects, buffs/debuffs on in game characters etc. can slow the flow of ice othe game. Evodice does the math for you with one, single roll. You can program it however you want.